Aleksandra Shakhnovskaya

Shibari Witch team

Role: photographer

Age: 18+ 

Experience: from 2011 

Portfolio: Public Dating Velvet September Autumn in the ropes Candy love Shibari in the studio

Hobby: travel with camera

Motto: live from your heart

Aleksandra Shakhnovskaya - photographer in the Shibari Witch studio Show Comments

Aleksandra Shakhnovskaya is a professional, experienced and talented photographer, an indispensable part of our team. She is well acquainted with the art of shibari and in her photographs expresses shibari as art itself. Alexandra successfully conveys the beauty, eroticism and energy of the action. Her works are full of life and passion. She quickly finds common ground with the client, is able to satisfy a variety of aesthetic tastes. Good example is a commercial photo shoot Autumn in the ropes.
We also recommend viewing exquisite erotic photo shoots with the beautiful shibari model Masher AdamsCandy Love and Velvet September. First of all, these are non-commercial photo shoots. Therefore, Alexandra focused on her own vision and understanding of beauty. This is exactly the case when the main goal is art. So, Aleksandra expresses her feelings and emotions to the fullest.
Here is some words from Aleksandra Shakhnovskaya about shibari and art:

Quite often people ask me what shibari is and why you need it. Shibari is a Japanese aesthetic-erotic art of binding the human. Of course, first of all, I consider it as an aesthetic form of art. It is quite impossible to pry yourself away from this art.
There is the magic of communication in every movement, rustle of a rope, sigh and exhale. Shibari is the way to understand yourself, your body, impulses, deeply hidden emotions. This is a dance of feelings. Meditation.
It is incredibly nice to see the transformation of the model during the shibari session. Her tension and anxiety disappear pretty quickly.