Shibari Witch team

Role: Shibari model

Age: 21 

Experience: from 2017 

Portfolio: Blackberry Ropes and white thongs

Hobby: Music

Blackberry | Beautiful shibari model | Shibari Witch Art Studio Show Comments

How I came to this kind of art

Hi, my name is Blackberry. I’d like to tell you about how I came to this kind of art like shibari. My story began with the fact that my friend invited me to a BDSM party. With each performance, what was happening aroused more and more interest in me. And then I first saw Anya. She controlled the ropes very harmoniously and beautifully, as she easily, without any difficulty, mastered the girl’s body. Her ropes seemed to whisper: “I want to be on your body !!!” I asked a friend to introduce us to each other and, if possible, I wanted to know more about this art.

The first tying

The first tying was comparable to the first sex – a little scary, but you are drawn to this and want more and more. Then I began to study history and practice. Each time, I became closer and closer with my master. So, as never before and was not close to anyone. This is a cosmic connection, you do not see it, but it is felt. Further, I studied the Japanese art of immobilizing the body more and more. My first model was a girl, I tried to do as my master taught me.

Practice requires safety, skill, trust, and the ability to relax from the model. The binding tool is a natural rope and you need to properly care for it. Anya taught me that neglect of safety rules can cause irreparable harm to both the body and the mental balance of the model, so you should always remember safety precautions. And of course, it is desirable to negotiate with the model in advance the permissible boundaries.

Why did I come to this decision – to study shibari? In my opinion, this is an amazing state that cannot be expressed in words – you are in ecstasy, in taste, what will happen next. It’s like a dance, we feel each other, merge into a single whole. This is about how you can and should lose your mind, surrender without a drop of doubt, trust without a single hesitation.

This is my confession, my little revelation and little secret. Thank you for your time.

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