Crazy or Lovers' Day?

In this article: Thoughts about Valentine's Day.

Crazy or Lovers' Day? Shibari Witch Anna Leontieva Art Studio


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Today is February 14th, 2020. Valentine’s Day is the day of love and lovers, as well as the day of the mentally ill in Germany. Interesting fact: the symbols asociated with Valentine’s day are quite unexpected in this country. For exemple, a little pig with flowers, or pig that candidly laying down on chocolate hearts. This also means a lustful desire.

It is the perfect match that gives an ambiguous hint that love can drive you crazy. You can see that lovers really look a little inadequate. They do not perceive their partners critically, but at the same time, lovers perceive them too exaltedly. But love can be different and a lack of ego can cure madness for instance…
In this photo I play a role of Madness itself. It was a year ago in BDSM club “Iznanka” in Odessa. This representation tortured my model using ropes. It was a public execution for all cruel pranks of Cupid.

Despite the fact that Cupid is a deity of love in ancient Greek mythology, for me, he is also a cruel prankster. After all, his entertainment with arrows costs someone common sense and even life. In my representation, madness is brought to the edge and pushes to radical measures. By the way, I am not for suicide, but I know this feeling.
Today is Friday, which means a shibari evening in “Iznanka”, notably a festive one. Many celebrate the day of love and I am preparing the representation of the Dark Valentine, but we’ll get to that later. You will see a photo and description of the idea in the performance section under the date 02/14/2020.
Therefore, despite the winter, we have the sun and warmth, hearts in the air and pink dreams in the atmosphere. As for myself, I need to prepare a playlist for the evening and reincarnate.
I don’t know about you, but I will celebrate the Day of Mentally Ill. Happy holiday for all of you, or rather two.