Role: Shibari model

Age: 18+ 

Experience: different 

Portfolio: Autumn in the ropes

Hobby: shibari

Motto: We wish to stay Incognito! )

Incognito | Prety young shibari models in ropes Show Comments

To stay incognito

Shibari Witch Art Studio cooperates with different models, photographers, artists, creative and open mind peoples. But the fact is that there are several shibari models or just amators who would like to stay incognito. In the same time thay would like to share photos from shibari photo sessions, performances or workshops. This models will not have a personal page with self representive information. We are shure, all of them has 18+ years old. So this models are nameless on our site. They even have no pseudo name. We respect their decision and point of view. This aspect is very important for us. All what we do is impossible without trust and respect.

The beauty of the body in ropes

So, “Incognito” is only the common name for so kind of shibari models, artists or just creative girls and boys. The only thing we can represent is a galleries with a high quality photoshoots. As you can see the faces of the models are hidden or only partially shown. However, all the beauty of the body in ropes is pronounced. The first photo album with incognito shibari model is “Autumn in the ropes”. This is original erotic photos from our photographer Aleksandra Shakhnovskaya. Flawless and skillfully made bondage, hanging beautiful and sexy models, exquisite underwear – all this (and much more) you will find in our gallery. We hope you will enjoy this art.