Masher Adams

Shibari Witch team

Role: Shibari model

Age: 18+ 

Experience: from 2018 

Portfolio: Candy love Velvet September Teacher - schoolgirl Plaid skirt Fallen Nun

Hobby: bikes

Motto: Immerse yourself in the art of Shibari

Masher Adams - sexual shibari model Show Comments

Immerse yourself in the art of Shibari, this is an opportunity to surrender / trust in the hands of the master and feel the unreal range of emotions.
Somewhere you feel the pressure of the ropes, somewhere an unusual posture in the suspension allows you to feel your back, arms or arm, leg (maybe one), lower back … as something that does not happen in everyday life.
And these sensations, under the guidance of the master, flow through the body, intensify and weaken, and each moment is different.
A crazy opportunity to take pain and discomfort, pass through the body and overcome.