Neon ropes: shibari performance in BDSM club

In this article: Neon shibari performance in BDSM club Iznanka.

Neon ropes: shibari performance


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Model: Falca

Shibari master: Anna Leontieva




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Neon Ropes - shibari performance with model Falca in BDSM club Iznanka

My shibari assistants

Each shibari performance has its peculiarities, this was not the exception. So that we decided to use neon ropes and a whole bunch of other stuff. Every time I try to pass on the audience the fullness of life and the model`s feelings. By means of special stage requisites, this performance helped the audience to put themselves in the place of the shibari model. Emotions and feelings intensified up to the maximum. Would you like to know why? Feel free to join our neon party, it is going to be hot here. During this performance I used neon light and ropes, BDSM candles and a high bar stool. These special stage requisites aimed to demonstrate the development of my personal shibari style. I provide further details about other requisites that can be used during a kinbaku session in my article Japanese bondage: my way to shibari art.

Taste of neon ropes

Let’s come back to the neon party. There are a few more details that distinguish this shibari performance from others. This time my model Falca has chosen the most comfortable clothes by herself. I invited her to sit on a barstool, I bound her hands with the ropes first and fixed her legs on the stool. Now the shibari model was absolutely ready to start. However, there was a final preparation stage. Her eyes had to be covered with the thick layer of the ropes.
As I have already mentioned, I wanted to demonstrate not only a kaleidoscope of feelings but to make each guest worry every time when a drop of wax was falling on top of the model`s excited and clutched body. I guess you all know how other sense organs intensify if to restrict access of one organ to the environment. Falca did not know when exactly I would start a wax play, therefore each reaction to the tightening of the bondage and drops of wax was sincere and unexpected for the model.

In the middle of a game in neon light

Hence, my model was in the bondage and ropes, with her eyes closed. A good time to start a wax play. I would like to note that I did not use simple candles but special ones – for BDSM experience. Such candles have different burning temperatures and due to the fact that it is made of soy, the candles do not leave any skin burns. Soy has the lowest melting temperature. During its flight a drop cools down and becomes rather warm than hot, therefore a possibility of burns is close to zero. As always, I care a lot about the health and safety of my shibari models. At this stage, Vera joined the shibari performance. Four hands, four directions, the body was simply covered with wax…
After this, I secured the candle to the rope and while the candle was doing its job, I proceeded with my interaction with Falca. The body of the model projected sexuality and desire to find out my following step. The neon ropes significantly increase the effect of the candles. The brain becomes more active and hungrily reacts to every touch and neon light focuses attention on every movement.

All eyes on us

During that evening the guests of BDSM club Iznanka were fully heated up! I felt this with my skin. This was that feeling when you know that everyone present was watching how far a shibari master would go and for how long the shibari model was ready to tolerate this. I should admit that even for me such experience was special. Despite the fact that before using the candles I tried this practice on myself, yet I was not completely confident in how Falca`s body would react. After the performance three of us compared notes with each other. And we had plenty of them! Everyone who is eager to experience the same should feel free to come to individual shibari sessions. This is exactly what is going to warm you up during a cold winter evening and put a tiny thrill during a hot summer day.