Olya Lofitska

Shibari Witch team

Role: Shibari model

Age: 18+ 

Experience: from 2019 

Portfolio: Shibari in the studio

Olga Lofitska - beautiful shibari model Show Comments

For me shibari is a very deep contact with myself. This is definitely not for everyone. It is for those who are ready to know their other side. For those who are fearless in their weakness and for those who are ready to let prejudice go. If there is something in you that makes you periodically stand still, and you are ready to go into it, then this is your path. Throwing back doubts and fears, I plunged into the master’s credibility. This credit awakens.

You begin to feel the movement of the rope, its tension, contact points, the fullness of the knots. Small flashbacks form the general impression regarding the netting pattern. You open your eyes and start comparing what you feel with reality. The picture becomes brighter, it makes sense, and the body becomes filled with a total presence at the moment. Suddenly you notice sounds, smells, objects and other people. You feel how music penetrates your soft tissues and leaves its mark.

Everything about this action is important. Every detail. A lot of ideas and thoughts arise in my head that I was unable to find in everyday life. You are ready for a refreshing breath. Alive again. Each session is different from the previous one. Every new experience is valuable and unique. This time you fill up, next time you feel devastated. It all depends on what brought you here. There is always the only guarantee – your transformation. Of course, if you let it happen.