Pajama party: shibari performance in the nightclub

In this article: Shibari performance with fetish elements in BDSM club Iznanka.

Shibari performance Pajama party


Shibari master, blogger, artist

Photographer: Andrzej Szczerba

Model: Marina Satklif

Shibari master: Anna Leontieva




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Shibari performance Pajama party: beautiful sexy model Marina Satklif

Pajama party: aesthetic idea

One summer evening Vera Topalova had the idea to organize a “Pajama party” in the BDSM club Iznanka. The idea was great for me and I decided to prepare a special thematic shibari performance. I discussed her idea with my friend and pretty girl Marina Satklif . By the way, she was already practicing a shibari art at the time. Moreover, Marina had a good experience of shibari performances and sessions not only as a model, but also as a shibari master. Sometimes shibari masters are interested in changing their role and acting as a model. For example, I can say the same about myself. It is important for me to look at the performance from the models position.
So, as you can guess, Marina really liked the idea and we decided to implement it together. All we had to do was hold training sessions and agree on the scenery. We approach the scenery and appearance carefully. Every detail is important in the performances. Clothing should fit, be stylish and express an aesthetic idea.

Image of innocence

So, after all the necessary preparations our shibari performance in “Pajama party” began. Marina wore beautiful pajamas, which suited her very well. We also took a soft toy for the performance – a blue shark. The main purpose of the toy is to create an image of innocence and add eroticism. I started by tying a toy shark that Marina was holding in her hands. However, very soon the ropes wrapped around the beauty herself. I wrapped ropes around her arms, wrists, chest. I tied one leg in a bent position with ropes, and connected my wrist with a rope to a metal ring for hanging.

Relax the body

Meanwhile, Marina completely relaxed and gave herself to me. Having realy cool experience as shibari master, she understood how important it is to relax the body and to trust your master. Marina was ready to enjoy my strong ropes. When the arms and bent legs were tied, the vertical suspension began. To complete the erotic hue, I tied Marina’s face so that the ropes were in her open mouth. It was an unsurpassed scene – a tied and suspended model in pajamas with ropes in her mouth. There was a moment of ecstasy and pleasure. Marina closed her eyes and focused on her feelings.
When the model really enjoys the bonding, the performance becomes an intimate and secret act. Rigger and the model become one and it is forever etched in the memory. There is a strange transformation. Most importantly, our relationship became much closer after “Pajama party”. In short, it’s extremely difficult to put into words, because shibari needs to be felt. The only thing I can convey besides the words is a wonderful photoshoot of our performance.