Shibari performance: clubs, parties, festivals

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Performance service | ✓ clubs, ✓ BDSM parties, ✓ festivals | Shibari Witch

Shibari Witch Art Studio can create a highly aesthetic shibari performance for different formats. For example:

  • night clubs
  • BDSM clubs and parties
  • Festivals
  • Holidays
  • private parties
  • private show
  • open to interesting and creative projects

We always take into account the specifics of the place and the format of the event. We select the appropriate images and music or adapt to the one that plays at the party. The small theatrical production is quite possible. Of course, we will discuss all the details.


Here are some options you can select:

  • Dynamic suspension (suspension): from 15 to 40 minutes. The duration of the performance is negotiated in advance. Dynamic means that the positions in the suspension will change several times.
  • Bondage (binding) on the chair, or … We can tie the model to almost anything, and then play with it like a cat with a mouse.
  • Games with wax (wax play). It can be a separate performance or in combination with shibari.

You can invite Anna Leontieva with our model or give yours. The combination of actions can be different. For example, two short performances of 15-20 minutes or one long with the wax game, or …

For your guests

  • Very often, after the performance, guests want to try themselves in the role of a model or learn firsthand what a shibari model is going through. We can arrange it (within reason). Tie or tie to a chair, wax or hang – if there is such an opportunity.
  • Other guests wish to have a photo from the party where they are bound. This can also be arranged.


What is required for a performance with suspension?
For a performance with suspension you will need the suspension point. Usually, the master fixes a special wall dowel to the ceiling and attaches a circle to it. If you don't have a possibility or you don't want to do this point, you may use a tripod or a frame for suspension. If the event is going to be held outside, a tree with sufficient branches may be used
I want to make a suspension point. How and where should I do it?
Such a wall dowel should hold 500kg. The weight of the body and dynamic of a suspension are considered. You can get the recommendations from a shibari master where to arrange such a point. To do this, please email her, explain the format of the party and send a photo/video of the premise.
Is it possible to arrange a performance without a suspension?
Yes, we plan each show individually. We can bind a model nicely and play with wax and a whip. We can also discuss something else, especially for your format.
Which safety measures should be foreseen during the action?
You should have a guard, who will prevent any interference into the performance. So that there may be the hero who will decide that he should save a model and interrupt the performance.
Can I take photos or video during the show and share it on the Internet?
Yes, condition that you hire a photo/videographer. Then you send copies of the photos/video in a good quality to the master. When sharing the material you should make a link to our website. If for any reason the master won't approve a certain photo, she can prohibit sharing it anywhere. If you are sharing it in the social media, we will kindly ask you to tag us. The guests are free to record our action on their mobile phones.
Which model is going to participate? Can I choose by myself on your website?
Not all the models will be available for the required date. We cooperate with some models on a continuous basis. Some of them may move to another country, marry, get pregnant or can be busy. We will provide you with the list of available shibari models.
Can you arrange the performance with our model?
Yes. Before the performance I will need to make a rehearsal, especially if a suspension is planned. More details can be discussed in email. We plan each performance individually and consider all the details. There is a difference between an experienced shibari model and an inexperienced person.
What will you recommend to us?
Definitely a dynamic suspension! It looks impressive and your guests will be fascinated.
What about the music and a playlist?
Shibari master prefers to use her playlist. She can make a separate playlist especially for you. You can discuss the bands, mood…If the client wants he can hear it beforehand. If you want us to perform using your music, you will need to explain to us what it is. Certain styles of music are not appropriate for shibari, for example Russian rogue songs…
I want to invite you to another city, country. What should I do?
To do this you will have to pay a two-way ticket and resolve an issue with accommodation. You can invite the master with the model or provide your model for the shibari master. Feel free to email me for discussion of other details
Can you make a public performance session during a surprise party (for example on his/her birthday)?
Yes. If a person didn't have any shibari experience we can propose binding on the chair, using wax and elements of whipping. The master will be looking at the client's reaction and based on it she will proceed with the next steps. It is also possible to present your friend with a suspension, if he/she had a similar experience. Anyway, the format of such a gift should be discussed and selected jointly with the shibari master. There can be some contraindications, for example skin illnesses etc.
Are you performing in porno style?
No. We have nothing in common with porno and everything connected with it. Shibari performance is an art for us. Action can be erotic, passionate, mystical, theatrical…but in no way pornographic.
I want a shibari performance, what should I do?
Please contact our shibari master and explain the format of the party, describe the venue, the idea and your desires.