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The main thematic of a Ropebook blog is shibari (kinbaku) art. Of course, this blog is only for adult persons 18+. But this doesn’t mean that all the articles of the blog are about sex or consists with porn photos. Shibari is represented not only in adult, sexual or erotic context. This great japanese art is also very interesting together with a spiritual practice. It would be correct to say that shibari is impossible without a spiritual basis, without a spiritual practice and finaly, without (so hard and almost impossible) working with consciousness. As you know, there is no single and absolutely correct way for a teacher to point. Reality pushes to find your own, unique, individual way to yourself, to the depths of your consciousness and your sexuality. And the hardest part is finding your way to yourself and accepting yourself as you really are. The practice of shibari art is just about that.

Shibari as Art

Deep emotions, candid fantasies and creative impulse – all this aspects are extremely important. But shibari is not just a popular type of BDSM, where you can discover your personality and realize your sexuality. First of all, shibari is the exquisite and fine art. And this art is far not for everybody as well as art at all. The articles of Ropebook will help to clarify this aspect. Exclusive experiense, thoughts about the art, life and death, philosophy, aestetic, psychology and many other interesting things you will find here. Extensive experience in practicing shibari and BDSM, refined style and approach will not leave the reader indifferent.

Beside of shibari practice, Anna Leontieva is also a painter. She graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts and has a degree in design. Along with some articles, we will publish Anna’s paintings. For example, in the article To my muse Loki Anna represents her own exclusive artwork – paint “Loki”. Please leave comments on the articles you like and share them on social networks. Anna will be happy to answer your questions. Enjoy reading! uses cookies to give you the best service. By continuing you are agree with our Cookie Policy.

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