Salty ropes

In this article: Shibari session under the wather.

Shibari session under the water Salty ropes


Shibari master, blogger, artist

Photographer: Roman Grabar

Model: Marina Satklif

Shibari master: Anna Leontieva




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Exclusive photos under the water with naked beautiful shibari model Marina Satklif.

On a nudist beach

I’m standing on the seashore and admiring the rope marks on the model’s snow-white skin, a bewitching sight. I do not get tired enjoying them again and again. Today she got less than I did. I did not plan any extreme. As a big fan of the art and beauty of the human body, I wanted to make a beautiful photoshoot with salty ropes and under the water. For this I’ve chosen the hardest and harmless, in my opinion, – karada, highly aesthetic and safe.
We are on a nudist beach. A black rope pattern encircles my neck, it slides to my chest and below. I made it at home, in front of the mirror. I`ve chosen red ropes for the model, I begin to fly around her body. Around naked people bask in the rays of the gentle sun. It seemed that this atmosphere would relax the model so that she would not be embarrassed by her own nudity.

That was why I’ve chosen this beach. Still, there was a certain discomfort and embarrassment on her side. When you connect for a while, empathy develops. You begin to understand the model without words, to feel her emotions as if your own.
The photographer came later than we did, when the sun had already set below the horizon, but still a daylight lingered. Not much time was left. It was necessary to act quickly.

Into the sea

We carefully went into the sea. It was so unusual and strange to feel wet salty ropes on yourself. Sometimes I am obsessed with my occupation and so addicted to the process that I easily dissolve in it, especially when everything is fun. Beauty is my Achilles heel. So it happened this time, the photoshoot and the process itself completely captured my attention. While we were diving and posing in front of the camera, the salty ropes tightened around my neck.
– “Anya, are you feeling fine?
– Yes, why are you asking?
– Your face is very pale.”

A similar dialogue took place almost every time we came up to catch our breath and gain air. The fright on the faces of friends still prevailed and drew attention to their own well-being. They were right, I didn’t feel very well, and the more I understood this, the worse it got. When we surfaced again, they forced me to go ashore and promised to continue work.
The shore was not far, but on the way to it, time slowed down, and my feet stuck in sand. The path seemed so dragging and long that panic arose inside. The ropes caused discomfort more and more. It really choked me.

My face was almost blue

This story would not have taken such a dramatic continuation, if not for the face of Zhenya, who was waiting for us on the shore. When he saw me, a mask of horror appeared on his face. Immediately, he began to run along the beach and look for a knife to cut the ropes. I felt uneasy. That was all. It was a real fubar and people around made me feel worse when they started to look for this knife. A thought flashed through my head: “Do I really look so bad and everything is so scary?” Later I received an answer to these thoughts. Yes! My face was almost blue.

Where did I get the idea that wet salty ropes can be easily untied? They tightened so much that it seemed that the nodes glued together. Breathing became harder and even Zhenya with a frightened face, who, incidentally, found a knife, was breathing heavily. I managed to get rid of the knots on the top of the rope but cutting them around the neck was too dangerous. My release from a fatal embrace was accompanied by the painful development of finger motility.
Meanwhile, my model, Marina felt that something had gone wrong. And she went ashore, where she found me in panic. In the first instance, she tried to reassure and inspire me that I looked normal. It worked. Then she began to untie the harness. I forgot to say that Marina is a very socialised girl.

After suspension

All sounds began to merge into one composition and recede into the background. There was a whisper of the sea and a beat of the heart. So easy and calm, so beautiful around. Only fussy friends randomly rushed from side to side.
Slower than usual, but still, a choking hug let go. Marina untied me halfway, then I intercepted the rope and continued. The fact is that she was wearing a harness, which, although not so much, strangled her torso. When I untied my neck, I helped Marina to free herself from wet karada.

Shore by the sea, silence … we were sitting in silence for a while. Somebody thought about his own, somebody admired the sunset. The ropes rested on sand and the prints of their kisses flaunted on our bodies. If you hold them with your fingers, you can feel the relief. Usually, after suspension, such traces go away after several hours, depending on the peculiarities of the body. I wonder how long these traces will adorn my body.
When you get to the edge, you begin to understand what a powerful tool you are working with. What powerful prints in the psyche can leave shibari, and how important it is to be aware of and listen to the sensations of the one who is in the ropes.
There is no fiction in this story. It is an episode of my life.