Shibari session - try bondage and suspension

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Shibari Witch Art Studio provides session as exclusive and special service for all who loves this art. As you know, shibari (or kinbaku) is not just a beautiful art that makes you feel pleasure and sweet pain. This is also a powerful tool. With this tool, you can let go of your thoughts and relax. Lose control and release sexual energy, work out complexes and shame. To do this, the model (or our client) should trust the bondage rigger (the one who binds). Sure, we will do the best from our side for you to feel pleasure. But at the same time, you are supposed to interact and communicate with us. We should understand and feel each other for the best result.

If you would like to see what session means from the practical point of view please have a look Autumn in the ropes. Of course, in this case, the client agreed to publish her photos without personal details. We decided to create a special category for such kinds of models – Incognito. But if you want we will never publish your photos. So, don’t worry about it.

If you want to get to a shibari master in the ropes, write us. We will discuss the details: safety measures, the state of your health, what you can and cannot do. But you should understand that the game will go according to our rules. For the duration of the session, you should transfer control to shibari masters hands.

Another important thing: during the session, ropes will be waiting for you. Possibly wax game and flagellation elements, but no more. Remember, this is not a sex service!!! Respect the boundaries and be polite. After communication, we reserve the right to refuse you a session. Usually, this is due to a misunderstanding of the above.


What does the term “shibari master” mean?
It means the one who binds.
What does the term “rope bunny” mean?
In other words, it's a shibari model or shortly a bunny – the one who is bound. The term “bunny” is widely used in BDSM culture for a masochist, submissive.
How is the shibari session arranged?
It's a private shibari session with participation of the client and the master. Firstly, the master will explain the safety measures and a code signal. Then the client becomes a bunny.
What can be added to the session except for shibari?
Wax play. Wax enhances and underlines the feelings from shibari. This technique is pleasant by itself. We use special candles for the body only! Their ingredients make no harm to your skin. At her discretion, the master may use the whip or any other device, if she notices that the bunny needs it.
How should I behave myself during the shibari session?
Despite the fact that the client pays money, he should understand what he undertakes. Before the session the client should explain what can be done with him and what cannot. At the stage of writing an email to the master the client may describe his expectations, desires and fears relating to the session. After the discussion the client should be ready for submission and obedience. Moreover, he should realize that his body is going to move only if the master allows. This will continue until you have at least one knot left on your body.
Where are the shibari sessions arranged?
We rent a studio for such a session. This premise should have a reliable suspension point. It should endure the load of a human's body with consideration of the suspension dynamic. You can choose the studio that we`ve already used. We can also choose it according to your recommendations, of course if it fits to the master and complies with all the requirements.
Should I wear something special?
Your clothes should not hinder your movements. It should be something comfortable, preferably form-fitting. The clothes shouldn’t be too loose, unless it's a kimono. Woven clothes are a good choice. For women I can recommend beautiful underwear, body, stockings…If you want, you can be topless. Nevertheless, both women and men should stay in their underpants. You can get naked up to your underpants, no more.
Can the session be arranged for a couple?
Can I order a session for my friend/partner as a gift?
Are there any contraindications?
You cannot be suspended if you have problems with the skin, spine or mental health. If you have any other problems with health or serious trauma, you should notify the master before the session.
What will happen after shibari?
Usually, after the session the bunny needs some time to come back. His body is relaxed and mind is resting. At this point, the master is nearby the client and monitors proper ending of the session. The bunny should leave with a pleasant aftertaste. Actually, this part is an element of the session as well.
Is it possible to have any intimacy?
No! We are practicing shibari as an art and therapy, not as a sex service. If the master hears such a question, she can refuse to arrange a session for a client or continue any discussion with him.
What about confidentiality?
We guarantee that everything that will happen between the master and the client will stay between them (or in a secret).
Can other people be present during the session?
If the client wants, he can come with his partner or a closed one. The most important thing for him/her is not to interrupt the process, keep a distance and stay quiet.
I want a shibari session, what should I do?
Please contact our shibari master Don't be shy to explain your fantasies, desires and why you want to have such an experience. Or just click the order button on the top and fill in the form.

Please be repeatedly reminded that the session is only available for the adults 18+.