Shibari Witch team

Role: Shibari model

Age: 19 

Experience: from 2018 

Portfolio: White tricot

Tenebris - shibari model | Shibari Witch Art Studio Show Comments

Tenebris: self introduction

Hi there, my name is Tenebris. I will introduce myself to one of my names. You can find more details in my replies to the questions listed below. This will enable you to open slightly the mysterious myself.

What made you become a shibari model? How did you end up in shibari?

I can’t tell you in a few words. A combination of various reasons: the need for work, innovations, ingenuity, fate (by chance), courage. Once on a friend’s page, I saw an ad that there is a need in a “shibari-model”. Therefore, I quickly arranged an interview with master Anna. The first suspension was exciting, similar to many things that you do for the first time. The body felt strange and I had a headache, but I endured this without complaining. From that moment, I found my way in the art of “shibari”. Up to this point, I was superficially interested in “BDSM”, and watched related videos on certain sites.

What “shibari” means to you?

Shibari is an art that not many people can appreciate and understand. It is an aesthetic tying up that requires trust. Definitely, you should not be afraid of your master. The beauty of rope movements, symmetry, patterns. The art of trusting your body at the disposal of the master and his ability to bind you with lines. Practice requires safety. The model should know how to relax.

What kind of feelings haunt you during shibari?

During the process of binding, a bouquet of different feelings envelops me. Overcoming fear and pain, courage, trembling, harmony. Sometimes you feel every muscle, the heaviness of breathing, the rush of blood. The need to trust your master, because during the process there is a great responsibility for the body of the person that is in bondage.

What are your general feelings from participation in this art?

Shibari is a real mystical ritual. Being a member of it is ingenious. After all, various visual images accompany each performance. This is an opportunity to try on various roles and “masks”. After the performances, I enjoy receiving complimentary feedback from the ritual observers. Nobody can stay indifferent. Someone enjoys the aesthetics of this art, and someone wonders how his worldview has shaken from what he just saw. Not once, Anna and I destroyed paradigms of perception of the world in order for other minds to be able to discover the taste and feeling of beauty that is distinguishable from the everyday ordinary routine.