Velvet September: the first suspension

In this article: Sexy shibari model tries suspension - outdoor erotic shibari session.

Sexy ass and tied suspended body


Shibari master, blogger, artist

Photographer: Aleksandra Shakhnovskaya

Model: Masher Adams

Shibari master: Anna Leontieva




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The first suspension: beautiful sexy shibari model Masher Adams

I love autumn

If someone asked me: What is your favorite time of the year? – For sure I will answer – summer. After all, the warmth and the sun heal my nerves and mind from the cold. I hate being freezing cold, even the thoughts about coldness, layers of clothes and an ice-cold bed drive me into stress. So yes, I will answer the summer. In fact, this is my medicine. However, every time when the velvet September and golden season come, I understand how much I love autumn. Perhaps even more than summer, no, definitely without any “perhaps”, certainly autumn.
Deep and mystical – this time spills magic in the air, in a space that strikes to the marrow and plunges into the depths of the subconscious. Not surprisingly, many people get depressed. After all, the sunlight becomes ever fewer, ever less, and together with it, the intensity of libido is taken into the Shadow, or rather, they bring us to It. That is why the new experience with shibari, especialy with bondage and suspension is so necessary to keep the libido alive. Shibari suspension gives us special feelings and brings the new color to autumn kaleidoscope.

Mortidal beauty

The fact is that people divide the world into good and bad, and this is their problem. With such philosophy, they make themselves vulnerable, weak and truly destitute. After all, giving up your shadow is like giving up your real self and killing yourself before birth. Hence, it is logical and not surprising that people are afraid of death so much. To be afraid to admit that they have never lived, that they wasted their precious life and now they have nothing to take with them. After all, a beautiful old woman with a scythe will expose our essence, cut off the hypocritical flesh, which, so treacherously, pretended to be us.
Despite the fact that already in August I feel sadness and miss the warmth, the mere thought of the mysteries of autumn brings me into awe. Yes, let the winter begin, but before that, nature will show us its mortidal beauty.

Project “Autumn in the ropes”

Now a little bit more about this photoshoot. It was the end of August, which means that nature has already started to seduce me with its mystical depth and dissolve me in autumn beauty … Then everything was as per the classic formula when you are seduced and in love, a lot of energy and inspiration appears. The perverse part of me, which I really love and appreciate, sublimates all the best into creativity and art. Therefore, well in advance, the photographer, Alexandra Shakhnovskaya, and I launched a photo project – “Autumn in the ropes”. I confess right away that the project was planned and realized as a commercial one. The essence of which was to realize the fantasy of the customer-model. Embodying her in the fantasy she dreamed of or helping to come up with it and implement. Naturally, on my part, there was shibari, with the help of which I like to emphasize all the dignity and beauty of the body and emotions. It’s always nice to hear feedback: “Wow, I can have such a face!” or “Wow, I can feel like that …”

The first bondage suspension

In these photos, the model gets to know me and the art of shibari, you see the first touches of the rope to the body and real emotions. Real feelings… It is impossible to be ready for it. It is always an experiment with personal sexuality. Horizonts are moving. This is the first bondage suspension in her life. Our partnership was harmonious. We both revealed new dimensions and we had a desire to continue working together. This is how I discovered the perfect shape to work via this beautiful woman – model Masher Adams. You can see the photos of our further performances and art projects on the website.

Finally, I want to mention one more creator, whose works are present in these images of model`s suspension. The leather masks and my gloves (I don’t know how to call these accessories on my hands) is the work of authorship from Red Unicorn. Occasionally I use his products for the art projects.