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Shibari Witch Anna Leontieva Art Studio

First of all, Shibari Witch Art Studio is a community of free, open mind and creative people. We are interested in non commercial art projects too. Feel free to write us if you have any questions or ideas. Your feedback is very important for us if you are our client or partner. Are you interested in coworking? What about to try yourself in shibari as a model? May be you would like to share your experience? We’ll gladly discuss your proposition with you. If you would like, you can order some of our services:

  • – shibari performance
  • – session
  • – photosession
  • – workshop
  • – postcard
  • – individual shibari lessons
  • – private erotic photosession in shibari style
  • – private BDSM party

Of cource, we guarantee the 100% confidentiality. We respect your freedom and private life.
Would you like something else? Just fill in the form below and write us. Remember only: we do not provide porn products and sex services. Your age must be 18+. We’ll contact with you as soon as possible. We are always open for you.