Shibari Witch services
  • Our Skills
  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision

  • ✓ Shibari master;
  • ✓ author of the suspensions;
  • ✓ wax play;
  • ✓ whipping;
  • ✓ artist;
  • ✓ author of costumes, looks. Assistance in choice of the look for a photosession;
  • ✓ creation of prints for t-shirts, shibari artworks and sketches;
  • ✓ selection of a playlist for shibari performances;
  • ✓ author of the conception and ideas for creative photosessions and performances;
  • ✓ mobile photos and processing of photos.

  • ⭐ Promotion of Japanese art of shibari, kinbaku as the culture;
  • ⭐ Inspiration of a confidence for a person using ropes and my shibari skills;
  • ⭐ Enrichment of the couple`s sexual fantasies as an outcome of the shibari workshops;
  • ⭐ Relieving the clients from stress and daily routine;
  • ⭐ Healing from inner restrictions and pressure;
  • ⭐ Helping people to find themself;

"Right from the beginning shibari impressed me with its beauty. While practicing this art I noticed that it works as the therapy for the model and the master. There is an impact on the model's body, her nerves the same as on the levels of emotions and layers of mind. This is a useful art, which transforms low self-esteem, embarrassment, inhibitions…into relaxation and pleasure. If to talk about myself, the master, I enjoy playing with this art and bringing it in coincidence with other types of arts. To keep an eye on myself during tying-up. Many processes during the session are coming from inside, the same with the model – the bunny. Keeping everything on the highest level of control and attention. At the same time to be present with the model and share her emotions. Work with the new bondages develops fantasy a lot. The outcome of materialized ideas gives me the feeling of satisfaction. Actually, I enjoy being suspended as well. This is a real relaxation and I like knowing and understanding what my models feel. Knowing what it's like to be on the other side."
Anna Leontieva

Our creative Team

Anna Leontieva is the major team member – shibari master, author of ideas and costumes, suspensions, looks. She is also responsible for a choice of music. She cooperates with different models. Cooperation with some of them lasts for a long time already. The shibari master also likes collaborations with the new models. Each shibari model has a private life, circumstances. Therefore, sometimes they may not be available for some shibari services. Nevertheless, we will inform you about available options. We cooperate with different photographers. Most of them enjoy travelling. If all of us meet in the same city, we can arrange a photosession. If you are in Odesa, we can provide you with the list of available photographers. During the trips, we may contact the local photographers and arrange a shibari photosession. Regarding the performances, you can invite the master and the model. If the new model is involved, the rehearsal is obligatory.

6 shibari services which will change you

Shibari Witch Art Studio welcomes people with various body types, gender and sexual orientation. We will underline your outer and inner beauty and work on your sexuality. It is important to us to open you from the inside and relax not only your body but mind as well. For a complete relaxation, we guarantee full confidentiality to each client. Nobody will ever see your photos, if you don’t give such permission. Our studio is pleased to provide you the following services:

# Service Description
1 Workshop Includes group shibari master classes.
2 Classes Individual class, Skype classes.
3 Postcard made in shibari style Perfect opportunity for an exclusive greeting on a special occasion. Also, remember that sometimes the best occasion is the absence of any. Big games start from small steps.
4 Photosession
  • Can be arranged in rented studios and outdoors. It can be a seashore, park or garden. We discuss the location depending on the idea of a photosession. For safety reasons the final approval of a location is up to the shibari master.
  • If the client wants, we can record a small video “making of”.
  • For each client we choose style, clothes, underwear and makeup.
5 Shibari session
  • Usually arranged in the studio.
  • If the client wants, we can also make a photo/video record.
6 Shibari performance: clubs, parties, festivals The performance will be prepared on the highest level. We will consider all the details such as location, audio used during the event, etc.

Guarantee of Your Safety during Shibari Session

Please remember that our shibari journey will only be possible if you have already reached 18 years. Every participant of a shibari action is going through a safety briefing. It does not matter whether you already had previous shibari experience, or not. We can only be sure of the accuracy and completeness of information that we provide by ourselves. The shibari master will provisionally inform you about the code of conduct during the shibari sessions.
When providing its services Shibari Witch Art Studio uses special ropes. These ropes are made from natural fiber to prevent any allergic reactions on the client’s body. Due to special wax and oil treatment, the ropes will provide you pleasant tactile feelings.
Nevertheless, we expect your complete openness regarding health conditions – physical and mental. We anticipate that you share any details that may have a negative impact on the outcome of our cooperation. We are as open as possible and frank with our clients. Therefore, we are expecting the same from your behalf.

When I Found Something Better Than Sex

“I find it [shibari] contagious in its pleasure. The bindings don’t limit – they define your current existence and so relax your mind. Yeah, I know. Sounds weird, but during sex I’m always thinking, wondering what I look like, worrying about how my hair must look, what I smell like, and if the fat roll is rolling. But when you’re knotted up in five-thousand pound test rope, you’re not going anywhere or doing anything, so you can just relax and enjoy the pleasure he’s giving to him and you.”

Glenn Hefley ― the author of thrillers, noir, paranormal and erotic romances.

Shibari (kinbaku) is an art. In no way it is connected with the services of a sexual nature. Therefore, we expect that a person that contacts Shibari Witch Art Studio has at least a surface idea of philosophy and principles of shibari. If you want to read about philosophy and history of this art, please have a look at Japanese bondage: my way to shibari art.