Role: Shibari model

Age: 18+ 

Experience: since 2020 

Portfolio: Crazy Party Valentine's Day Circus party Japanese style

Hobby: dance

Shibari model Alexandra Show Comments

Alexandra is a young, beautiful, hot and sexy shibari model. Since 2020 she coworks with Shibari Witch Art Studio and BDSM club Iznanka as session model. Together with Anna Leontieva Alexandra takes part in different thematic shibari performances as a rope model. You can see a cool shibari performance with Alexandra in the post about Valentine’s Day. It was a BDSM party in night club Iznanka. In that party Alexandra was in sexy red lingery. Here is some words from Alexandra.

Quite often people ask me what shibari is and why I need it.
First of all, it’s beautiful. I like how my body looks, when it’s bound with the lines and knots. I enjoy watching how passionate and confident the Master looks when she is at work with the ropes. The prints and even abrasions after the sessions look spicy. These feelings. It feels like the ropes embrace me, so tightly and confidently. I am not scared of hanging upside down. Vice versa, it’s so great to get off the ground! Does it hurt? Quite often. Moreover, when you are hung by one ankle, it is physically unforgettable)
Finally, the feelings. When you are seeking to control everything in your life, it’s so precious to have a possibility to relax for a moment. Doing nothing and thinking about nothing. I am in peace. It is obligatory to trust you Master, the same the Master should take care of his model, her safety. This helps to get closer.
Shibari can serve different purposes – spiritual and physical. However, it is always about esthetic and relations between people.