Shibari Witch team

Role: Shibari model

Age: 18+ 

Portfolio: Voodoo party Freak carnival Neon ropes Pirate themed performance In sailor shirt Iznanka celebration

Hobby: Music

Motto: pain is a new spice

Falca - Shibari model Show Comments

When my rigger asked a question – what is shibari for me, it took me several days to put all my emotions and thoughts into words …
When the master hugs you with ropes, she will give you the right to renounce and go on the most fascinating date – with yourself.
Whatever is in your head, no matter what thoughts and concerns bother you – at this moment everything becomes meaningless, fading into the background. There is only you, music and such harmony inaccessible in ordinary life.
By becoming an instrument in the hands of an experienced rigger, you get an incredible gift – to be here now, to be yourself