Group and individual shibari classes

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Individual shibari classes

Shibari Witch Art Studio is gladly represents classes service. You can order shibari classes for yourself or for your husband(wife) or just make a nice present for your friend. Master Anna Leontieva conducts both individual and group shibari classes. Anna also recommends this classes for a couples who would like to improve sexual life and sexual emotions, for those who would like to open something new and interesting in intime life. So, during individual shibari classes you will have an intensive training on the topic of your interest:

  • ropes for shibari
  • safety measures
  • emotions and relations between the master and the model
  • bondages
  • semi-suspension
  • static suspension
  • dynamic suspension
  • self-suspension
  • use of wax during the shibari session and consistency with other BDSM practices

You can find more details on the workshop page.

If you are a newcomer, we will start from the safety measures and basic knots. Depending on your fantasies and aims, we will practice one or another bondage and the manner of its application.
Such classes will be useful for the couples that want to add some pepper and salt to their intimacy or light up (refresh) faded relationships.
You will have a chance to discuss in a private environment all the details and issues that are the matter of your concern. These may be the issues relating to the technique, emotions and relations between the master and the model. Moreover, some issues that you are interested in or worried about. Everything will be strictly confidential.
If you already have some shibari experience, you can choose the subject of the class or we`ll select the training programme.

FAQ about shibari classes

What can you recommend for learning shibari art?
Shibari is as beautiful as dangerous art. Therefore, you should start learning it from the practicing master. YouTube and the books on the design of shibari ropes can be useful only after you've learnt all the safety measures. You can use these resources if you have certain experience in shibari.
How to shibari at home?
You should take some shibari classes from the shibari master. Shibari Witch Art Studio is an appropriate place to find out what to expect during the shibari game in your bedroom. Our shibari master will explain to you what to do, how to do and when to stop.
What will I need for a shibari class?
You will need a model (or your partner) who is going to assist you in practicing your skills. She (he) should wear comfortable clothes, preferably form-fitting. The women (and men, if preferred) may dress in beautiful underwear, body, stockings…This is going to inspire your master even more. It may be something woven, not too loose. I would recommend for the beginner to dress in something comfortable as well.
What should I do if I don't have a model?
You can take one of my models at an additional cost. If they are available in the city, I am currently in.
Will I need the ropes for the class?
If you are only a newcomer, you can use my ropes during the first classes. Though, in order to practice shibari you will definitely need your own ropes. Not just the ropes, but the special ones – for shibari.
Where are the classes held?
In the studio.
Can we have a class on Skype?
I want to attend your shibari classes, what should I do first?
You should write to the shibari master ( All further details will be discussed with you in due course. Don't be shy to explain extensively what your shibari fantasies are. Our shibari master will consider all your expectations and provide her recommendations.

Please note that you can make a video record of the workshop for your private use only (for you to be able to practice at home). It is strictly prohibited to share the video record in the social media or Internet, or distribute in any other way.