Photosession in shibari style

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photosession service from Shibari Witch Art Studio

Shibari Witch Art Studio provides photosession as special and exclusive service. There can be many reasons for a photo shoot in ropes. For example art interest, sexual pleasure, searching for the new image, aesthetic experiment or the desire to try something new. But we’d like to make the main accent on the following:

  • Sensual, aesthetic or erotic photos, where shibari master emphasizes the beauty of your body and emotions. This photosession can be an excellent gift to your beloved, yourself or for memory in a photo album.
  • Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries and similar events are a great occasion to convey a love story. Lovers can be tied and/or suspended together, where the rope will symbolize the feelings that “bind” and unite the couple.
  • It will be interesting for me to work with your fantasies, ideas, images and reflect it all on the beautiful photos. In other words, it will be nice to collaborate with open-minded people.


You can select the folowing options for your photosession:

  • Reporting or art shooting
  • The model can be tied, suspended or tied to something (furniture, wood …)
  • In the studio, outdoors, in the interior and other interesting places …


You can choose our photographer or provide your own. If our photographer at the moment is not in the city or country it’s not a problem. We collaborate with many session photographers very often. So, we will find another photographer as soon as possible.


We will help you to create your personal and unique image. If necessary, we will choose special clothes, hairstyle, makeup, etc. We’ll do our best for your unforgettable photo shoot.

FAQ about shibari photosession

What makes a shibari photosession different?
During the shibari photosession a premium is placed on esthetic. Usually, the bondages for a photo are more delicate and beautiful. Even in this format, you will understand how it feels to be in the ropes. Except for gorgeousness, the ropes will underline your emotions and inner beauty.
Where can a photosession be arranged?
In nature, in the park, in the premises, in the derelict building or in the studio…We will choose appropriate location for embodiment of your fantasies, mood and creative ideas. We can make a photo shooting at the location proposed by you.
Who is the photographer?
We collaborate with different photographers. You can choose whomever you want from those who will be available at that moment. Our photographers enjoy travelling a lot. We can also arrange a photosession with your photographer.
What should I dress? Which look should I choose?
You can prepare your look by yourself. We can also assist in giving you a proper look. You can dress as your favorite character out of a book, movie…We will discuss all the details of a photosession beforehand: makeup, clothes, bondage and all the rest. We can create something by ourselves, or embody your old fantasy connected with a shibari photosession.
How to embody a certain look?
When ordering a photosession please send to the master the photos of a look and shibari bondages that inspired you. Tell me about an idea and mood that should be transferred via the photo. Later on, we will decide how to arrange it in a better way.
Is it possible to make a suspension for a photosession, if I had no such experience before?
We can make a small suspension or semi-suspension, if you have no problems with the spine, mental and physical health.
Will these photos be published?
The photos can be published only upon approval of the client. You should specify in your email that you are choosing an anonymous photosession, or vice versa, that you allow to publish these photos.
Can you arrange a photosession for a couple?
Yes, you can.
Can I order a photosession for my friend/partner as a gift?
Yes, you can.
Are there any contraindications for a photosession?
Yes, if you have any skin illnesses you cannot be bound in the ropes.
I want a photosession, what should I do?
Please contact our shibari master and explain your ideas and expectations regarding the shibari photosession. Quick way to do it - just click the order button on the top and fill in the popup form with only single field - your eamil.