Postcard made in shibari style

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Postcard - Shibari Witch Anna Leontieva Art Studio

Shibari Witch Art Studio provides a unique service – personal custom postcard. You will have an exclusive congratulation, which we will make especially for you or your friend. For example, we will write something like “Happy birthday” to “name” on the body of my model. Of course, it can be another phrase, we can agree on it. But if the phrase is rude, unpleasant or inappropriate for another reason, we will offer an alternative. To write this postcard, we will use wax, rope, lipstick, or we’ll see what idea comes to my mind. And all this will be done in shibari style. It will be an unforgettable and original postcard.

Options of the service

You can select the folowing:

  • a photo
  • process video
  • short video with congratulations
  • publication in my social network: FB or Instagram, where we celebrate congratulations. The quantity is limited! Censored only
  • or all at once

All you need to order the service you like – click a button “Order” and fill in the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.


What is a shibari postcard?
It's an exclusive photo or video. We will make it specially and only for you. The shibari master will write the greeting on the model's body and send a photo or video to your email. The master will record the material to her IPhone (or mobile phone) and then process it.
What can be written on the model's body? What will you use to do it?
Short words, a name or simple symbols (for example a heart) can be done out of wax. The master can write small sentences with the lipstick. Some longer writings can be done at choice of the shibari master (for example using paint and brush). Some other options are also possible.
What is your recommendation for a greeting? What is forbidden for a postcard?
It can be a name, a short poem or a greeting from you. If the text contains some rude language and swear words, we can refuse to cooperate.
What kind of video/photo is it going to be?
  • A short video of a process creation or ripping off (for example how the master is ripping off the wax writing or the greeting written in lipstick). It can also be a creatively shot result…
  • There also can be a few nicely processed photos, containing a greeting on the model`s body. Most probably, the model will be bound in the ropes
  • You can choose both options
So that each greeting is an exclusive one, all the details and options are discussed individually. We just described a few examples.
Can I choose a shibari model?
The master will be able to make a postcard with the model that will be available at that time.
Can I publish a postcard on social media?
Yes, condition to censure, compliance with our style and all regulations of the social media. We also can tag the one who will receive the greeting. The number of such posts is unlimited.
How can I order a shibari postcard?
Please email to the shibari master ( and explain your desires. So that the master can be away this service may be unavailable for some time. Therefore, please order it beforehand.