Valeria Kuznetsova

Role: photographer

Age: 18+ 

Experience: since 2014 

Hobby: Gymnastics

Motto: No risk, no reward!

Valeria Kuznetsova - professional photographer | Shibari Witch Art Studio Show Comments

Valeria Kuznetsova is experienced and talented photographer, nice person and a very beautiful girl. Photography is the language in which she communicates with the world and people. The camera is a vital tool for her, the same as the heart for a living being. She can see aesthetic moments even in everyday things and most importantly, she reproduces this beauty in photos. In her photos, Valeria portrays any person as unique, beautiful and self-sufficient. Her works leave a pleasant impression and a desire to review them again and again. Of cource, we are happy to work with Valeria and appreciate her participation in our project Shibari Witch Art Studio. In addition, here is some words from Valeria Kuznetsova.

“Certainly, we are multifaceted. A whole world lives in each person and you will definitely want to reveal and emphasize its unicity. Over 6 years of mastering the art of photography, I have learned to find an individual approach to each client. Paying enough attention to details, I make harmonious shoots, focusing on the elegance and grace of the person.
A photo session with Shibari Witch Art Studio is not only a chance to make beautiful, unusual shots. It is also an opportunity to meditate and reveal yourself and your mysterious sides.”