Kateryna Krasnyk

Role: photographer

Age: 18+ 

Experience: from 2018 

Portfolio: Beauty in ropes

Kateryna Krasnyk - professional photographer Show Comments

Skilled and experienced photographer

Kateryna Krasnyk – professional and experienced photographer. She coworks with Shibari Witch Art Studio as session photographer from 2018. It is a pleasure to work with Kateryna. She is easy to communicate, friendly and very beautiful. In addition, there are some very important features of this photographer:

  • working with analogue camera
  • master of black and white photography
  • old school photographer
  • does the job quickly and efficiently
  • certainly, this dosen’t exclude working with a digital cameras

Highly professional approach and level

You can be shure that far not every photographer knows how to work with an analog camera. This requires considerable experience and relevant skills. In addition, it is very difficult. But it’s even harder to work with an analog camera and take black and white photos. However, this indicates a highly professional approach and level. Moreover, Kateryna Krasnyk has an original vision of the aesthetics of photography. This pretty girl sees the beauty and unique moments of life and expresses them in her photo shoots. The black and white erotic photos are especially beautiful. So kind of photos always look special and leave unforgettable and unique charm. Of cource, you can see for yourself the high quality and skill of this photographer. We published Katerynas photos in the article “Beauty in ropes“.

Photo shoot went pretty fast

It was a shibari session with Ksyushka Galushka – our sexy and pretty model. The photo shoot went pretty fast. There were no repeated shootings, no special exhausting poses in front of the camera. The model and shibari master just did all the work, and Kateryna took pictures. It was really unexpected! As a result, we have a great photo shoot from a professional photographer. High quality erotic photos with a naked and tied shibari model – it is a really perfect result. So, we hope you’ll enjoy the viewing and appreciate the skill of the photographer.