Beauty in ropes

In this article: Erotic black and white oldschool photoshoot: shibari session.

Beauty in Ropes


Shibari master, blogger, artist

Photographer: Kateryna Krasnyk

Model: Ksyushka Galushka

Shibari master: Anna Leontieva




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Erotic photoshoot with shibari model Ksyushka Galushka

When Ksenia became familiar with ropes for the first time

This is about the time after Ksenia first became acquainted with the art of shibari in public. You can read more about it in the album “PUBLIC DATING“. I wanted to attract this beauty in the ropes in some kind of art project. I expressed this desire to her and it found a mutual response, so this photoshoot was born.
As it turned out, at that stage in her life Ksyusha was fond of photo sessions and worked with some photographers. Soon she invited me to participate in a joint project. I gladly agreed.

The beauty is not for a commerce

Here I will make a little digression and share some experience and thoughts. When you create something from the bottom of your heart, you share inner peace and beauty, not for the sake of commerce, but because you cannot do otherwise. Because in another way you`ll die as a person and as a human, or you`ll lose your mind. When you enter the creative stream and enjoy the process, the right people just arise in your way. Like thunder from a clear sky, they burst into your life or gently knock on the door. And then you do not have time to come to your senses how you find yourself in ecstasy from creative collaboration.

You can ask, why am I writing about this right now? What is so special about this photoshoot? You can even comment that the Internet is full of photos of naked beauties in ropes and without them… And you are right! However, at that moment unfamiliar people, each doing her own thing enjoyed the interaction. Moreover, how bizarrely life brought us together. There was a feeling that we formed as a team a long time ago and created another masterpiece.
In addition, the most delicious thing in the end – the cherry on top of these frames is that everything was shot on the roll-film camera. This means that the number of frames was limited. But look what we’ve got.