Pirate themed party for adults - shibari performance

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Anna with Falca: Pirate themed party



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Model: Falca

Shibari master: Anna Leontieva




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Beautiful rope model Falca in lingerie: exclusive shibari performance

Shibari bondage in action – Part 1

Many people like the marine and pirate theme. I must admit in BDSM nightclub Iznanka people adore it. Thus, when I saw the event poster I understood what I will be doing that evening. The next shibari performance will be dedicated to pirate theme. Cool! Because shibari in general makes me feel an aesthetic pleasure. But when the shibari master decides to arrange thematic performance, I know for sure that the evening will be with a twist. That evening I put my sailor shirt on and went to the club. I took my place and was waiting for the entrance of Anna and the shibari model. It’s quite interesting, who is going to be her model this time?

Well, I see that Falca is coming out. She demonstrates the sexual body dressed in breathtaking underwear. I feel that the tension is growing. Shibari master Anna starts with koshinava and creates a certain pressure on the model’s pelvis. I know that this type of bondage guarantees you pleasant feelings, which you will be refreshing from time to time. Then the shibari master proceeds with suspension and takes up the model’s legs. From this position Anna continues with suspension when the face of the model is down. I am thrilled with this pose! I realize that it requires complete relaxation from the model. I imagine whether I could go through a similar dynamic suspension. I should definitely write to Anna asking her about the details. It looks sexy and intriguingly.

Shibari master has it all under control

Falca’s pose changes again. Now all attention is paid to her breasts. The bondage sets them in a frame perfectly. Falca’s breasts are just incredible! Anna doesn’t stop and ties the mouth of the shibari model with the rope. She is completely at mercy of the kinbaku master. I see that the model gets her veins on the neck, but I am sure that Anna has it all under control. The model is upside down. This is the end of the performance. Wow, I managed to see so much for 15 minutes. I know that this is only a prelude and a second part of the shibari performance is coming soon. I get to order something refreshing so that in my mind I am already in Falca’s place. So, Anna Leontieva makes you want to try all these types of bondages on yourself!