Freak carnival - exclusive shibari performance

In this article: Special shibari performance in freak style. BDSM club Iznanka.

Anna touches her neck - Freak carnival


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Model: Falca

Shibari master: Anna Leontieva




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Extravagant shibari model Falca in thematic shibari performance - Freak Carnival

New Year’s carnival atmosphere

Freak carnival – the night when you could walk the craziest shadow and become anyone. It was a crazy and bright night. The silver twinkle of confetti created a New Year’s atmosphere. And the bizarre images of visitors and speakers made the party truly magical. Together with my shibari model Falca I created really amazing atmosphere. I was in a long white dress, and my model was in a dark, tight-fitting suit. This costume depicted a skeleton with red roses on both sides. The upper part of the model’s face was painted black. We looked quite contrasting together – like light and darkness in the eternal dance. In other words, our images symbolized the conjunction of opposites. Certainly, it was an important detail that completed the freak carnival atmosphere.

The mood for that period was special. It was like a death and a birth were dancing inside me, where a state of agony and liberation succeeded one another. I felt how my essence was transformed. Greedy habits and concepts still clung to life, but died a natural death. While new ones just started to form. At times, what was happening led me into frustration, but I had to prepare for the carnival.

Spiritual development and art

The idea, the images and the freak costumes simply arose by themselves. And as it turned out, my internal state resonated with the time of year. Winter solstice. The longest night of the year, the night after which a turn occurs and the days gradually lengthen. For most peoples, this holiday was associated with the revival of nature and the triumph of light over darkness.

In times of sun worship, people considered their spiritual development to be one of the main parts of life. And for this holiday, a person should be ready to get rid of everything unnecessary and enter the new sunny year updated and wise. Likewise spiritual development in my life is the main task. And no matter how strange it may sounds, shibari and art are part of this path. This performance became a symbolic expression of what was happening to me and nature at that moment.