Voodoo party: thematic shibari performance

In this article: Stylized and thematic shibari performance in BDSM club Iznanka.

Voodoo Party: begining



Shibari master, blogger, artist

Photographer: Ihor Tomash

Model: Falca

Shibari master: Anna Leontieva




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Creative thematic performance with pretty shibari model Falca

Wouldn’t we have a Voodoo party?

During the next party, after a bright performance, my model – Falca came up with the ingenious thought “Wouldn’t we have a Voodoo party?” I liked her idea so much that after a week we brought it to life. The owner of Iznanka, Vera Topalova, also supported the idea itself and its prompt incarnation.

I respect the traditions, mythology and cults of ancient peoples with great respect. Therefore, I am preparing for such performances especially seriously. At least I try to delve into the salt of tradition and display it as correctly as possible. It is very interesting and exciting, and the inner world from this becomes richer.

Get acquainted with this cult

I confess right away that I was afraid of the Voodoo cult like fire. And so much so that even in general terms did not want to get to know him. Perhaps social stereotypes were to blame. But I am very glad that I had the opportunity to get acquainted with this cult. As it turned out, he is far from those terrible pictures that I painted in my imagination. Now, with confidence I can say that this is another source of my inspiration. I would like to understand and learn more about this.

Three days have passed since our performance, but the inspiration and joyful mood after that party is still being held. It also lit up the audience. I especially liked one review “the atmosphere was such that it was possible to charge the phone in the air.”

I would like to summarize with advice. Do not make inferences about which you have no idea. Especially if it is something generally accepted. Read, learn, reflect and only then draw conclusions. More reflections about voodoo you can find in my article “Samedi or in death image