Autumn in the ropes

In this article: Outdoor shibari session with icognito model.

Incognito | Prety young shibari models in ropes


Shibari master, blogger, artist

Photographer: Aleksandra Shakhnovskaya

Model: Incognito




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Pretty shibari model in ropes: new erotic photo shoot from Aleksandra Shakhnovskaya

Magical ropes of the Autumn

Ropes is a special theme and aesthetic subject for shibari art. These photos relate to the project “Autumn in the ropes”, its second part after Velvet September. Another example of a commercial photoshoot dedicated to ropes. End of October – beginning of November this is the most magical and charming time of the year for me. After nature has generously presented us with the harvest and healed the soul with warmth, It prepares itself for sleep in order to resume the cycle afterwards. However, before that, It gives us the most precious gift.
The same as femme fatale puts on a provocative silk nightie only for it to be torn or laid off in the surge of passion, It – nature – puts on its the most seductive outfit and slowly, in an elegant dance, reveals its essence. I guess that in these moments I feel as if nature is dancing a striptease for me. But unlike most human relationships, this process inspires and elevates – if you fall in with dance.

Beauty overshadows fear

On the same note as It doffs its flesh to skeletons-trees and diffuses cold in the air – observing, I synchronize myself and similar happens to me. The peel flies away, fuss goes quite. The most important can be examined now – the one that can be taken to eternity. During this period everything in its image reminds us of death and it seems as if leaves, falling under one`s feet, were saying – you are here not forever, think about what you`re doing and where the time is wasted. But isn’t this an expression of love and compassion! It puts on its most beautiful outfit when demonstrated the Death, and whispers tenderly into your ear – don`t be afraid. Beauty overshadows fear. You need to cultivate a sense of beauty in yourself.

Sadness could be radiant

I am not surprised that a lot of people experience black sadness during this period. If there is nothing underneath the beautiful package, when it gets spoiled – melancholy and feeling of emptiness are inevitable. However, sadness could be radiant. When you accept fickleness – death and life in one moment. You understand that this will never repeat again, that`s why it is beautiful. And it will not last forever that`s is why it is not important. There is only here and now, a single moment, unique, the one that lasts an eternity. You want to freeze and absorb it completely, to move on while fading away.

The pathos of things

Autumn, I can write so much about you – my precious muse. However, I should stop writing this text. The Japanese term “Mono no aware” comes to mind, it completely conveys my feelings and attitude toward this time.
Mono no aware (jap. 物の哀れ, «the pathos of things») – aesthetic principle common to Japanese culture originating from Heian period. It appeared due to the group of scientists and poets Kokugaku.
The phrase is derived from the Japanese word mono (物), which means “thing” – everything that may result in aware. Aware – everything that evokes delight, excitement. Aware – the inner essence of things (the same as makoto: the Japanese did not separate beauty and truth), that was why the writers and poets were meant to reveal aware in the first instance. Read more about “Mono no aware” in Wikipedia.