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In this article: The first public shibari experience in BDSM club Iznanka.

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Model: Ksyushka Galushka

Shibari master: Anna Leontieva




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Public Dating with young beautiful model Ksyushka Galushka

How her body reacts

I’m getting ready for my shibari performances and sessions with the model beforehand. It is necessary to understand how her body reacts to one or another bandage; what she can endure and what cannot… However, to know the body of the model is not enough, it is necessary to establish emotional contact with it. Some models give up at once, others can only gradually reveal themselves, step by step.

All this foreplay is needed for beautiful visuals and safety. However, life is full of surprises and unforeseen circumstances. Just imagine, I have to appear on the halls and something terrible happened to the model, consequently, she couldn’t come. Well, it`s just what happened.
So, BDSM night club “Iznanka” and I’m sitting without a model. The announcement was posted on all social networks. Fortunately, many people are fascinated by this art and want to experience it for themselves. But not everyone is ready to indulge in the ropes in public performances.

Ksyusha opened herself

During this time, Ksyusha danced in “Iznanka” and the weekend before we talked over shibari. As you already understood, she agreed to join me in action “Under the ring”.
This is that particular case when at first glance the situation seemed to be quite bad but resulted in a pleasant surprise. Ksyusha easily opened and trusted me, which pleasantly surprised and inspired me. There in the rays of red light, we communicated without words and had a tacit understanding with each other. I asked her to describe her experience. It`s quite interesting, because she has never participated in such performances. Now I turn the floor over to her.

It was my first experience

“It was my first experience of complete shibari. In order to understand what it is, to have fun and a positive experience, it is necessary to give yourself over to the process and trust the master as much as possible – which, I think, turned out great for me. I was almost embarrassed by the people around because of the kind of activity. To do this, you just close your eyes, immerse yourself in the sensations and try to feel the master. Anya is an excellent master! I felt safe.
Moreover, sometimes it seemed to me that she was reading my thoughts. She managed to do things that just flashed in my head. Every movement was where and when it needed to be. Very carefully and carefully, but without unnecessary ceremonies. She plunges into her partner as deep as possible. I am very grateful to her for this wonderful experience. If you are interested, I highly recommend trying and there should be no doubts at all!”

Ksyushka Galushka

After the performance, we did a nude photoshoot with the film. The album is called “BEAUTY IN ROPES”