Ropes and white thongs

In this article: Tying of the sexy girl in white thongs - erotic shibari performance in BDSM club Iznanka.

Ropes and white thongs


Shibari master, blogger, artist

Photographer: Andrzej Szczerba

Model: Blackberry

Shibari master: Anna Leontieva




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White thongs night

I remember that night as a night of white thongs that looked too sexy on Blackberry’s body. It’s like a prelude to rough sex, which is incredibly exciting. Yes, it was an unforgettable night in the BDSM nightclub Iznanka. Blackberry worked as a dancer in this nightclub. However, she was open to experimentation. One day I suggested her to try shibari. In addition, the ropes on her body significantly emphasized her sexuality and beauty. Probably that’s why she agreed with undisguised pleasure to be my model and take part in public shibari performance. Blackberry discovered a new horizon to realise her sexuality as the process of changing inside. Public shibari performance became also a special pleasure she could get. I felt at the moment how her body wanted to be tied with strong ropes. And we allowed our deep desires to come true. It was easy for me to work with Blackberry because she is the kind of girl who knows what she wants.

Lingerie looked very impressive

Blackberry wore white thongs with translucent stockings and a suspender belt. She left her perfect tits naked. The beautiful naked breasts of the girl were illuminated by the lights of a nightclub. This especially emphasized the sexuality of the model. Such a candid and sexy underdress will not leave anyone indifferent – both men and women. Lingerie looked very impressive on her and emphasized the silhouette of her sexy body. Naked body, ropes, a play of light and shadows. All these created perfect erotic images, which photographer captured on camera.

We started by tying the hands that the girl obediently held behind her back. After that, the rope covered her chest, abdomen and back. At that moment, the girl relaxed. She completely trusted me and gave herself to my hands and ropes. In the meantime, I began to tie her waist and sexy ass. We were preparing for the suspension.

Tied, naked, and inaccessible

The audience watched this performance with tangible pleasure. Indeed, the suspended sexy body of the rope-bound model arose basic instincts. The beauty of the model’s buttocks and thighs was especially impressive when she was hanging upside down. Meanwhile, our photographer was filming beautiful moments of our performance. It was important not to miss a single beautiful body position and to convey the atmosphere of that night in the photos. Suspended, Blackberry continued her meditation, giving everyone present the beauty of her body in ropes. She enjoyed being tied, naked, and inaccessible at the same time. I saw beauty and harmony. The ropes completed Blackberry’s beautiful erotic image like the touches of an experienced artist. Together we formed a single whole – shibari master and model. These are truly amazing feelings that I will never forget. I hope readers will also immerse themselves in our atmosphere when viewing photos from our performance.