In Ropes

Anna Leontieva ⭐ ✓ shibari master ✓ owner of Shibari Witch Art Studio

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Exclusive photo shoots with Anna in ropes

In ropes – is a special category, where you will see a galleries with shibari master and rigger Anna Leontieva in a role of model. As a rule, it will be a candid erotic art photo shoots and reviews of shibari sessions with different riggers and masters. In addition to beautiful photo shoots, Anna will share her feelings and experiences as a model.

To strive for perfection

A shibari rigger and master who can and knows how to be humbly tied and suspended strives for perfection. Rigger in ropes – is a true rigger. This is the way to a better understanding of yourself and others. And this is an extremely important aspect of art – to constantly strive for perfection. It is not enough to just go your own way. You also need to make each step better than the previous one. To do this, Shibari Witch Art Studio invites other shibari masters and riggers. Sharing experiences and expanding your own experiences are really valuable things.

She is a rigger and a model

Especially valuable is the experience of feeling like a model, which is in the complete power of the master. This way the rigger understands his model better, will be able to dive deeper into the feeling. It is safe to say that a rigger that has never been tied and suspended by another rigger is quite limited and has no complete knowledge of shibari. In other words, such riggers know shibari only one-sidedly, do not have a holistic vision of this art. That’s probably why it’s so hard to understand your model when you have no idea how it feels. Shibari for Anna is open on both sides: she is a rigger and a model. Openness to new sensations, impressions and experiments is an important feature of Anna.